Design Your Workplace to Attract Millennials & Gen Z

In today’s workforce, millennials and the younger Gen Z make up over a third of the workforce (38 percent). Over the next decade, that number will increase to over half of the workforce. It makes sense for successful businesses to design their work culture and their office space to recruit and appeal to younger generations as well.

Both millennials and Gen Z seek different values when looking for a potential employer and workspace. They are more likely to seek co-working spaces and remote opportunities so office spaces need to have a fresh modern appeal in order to compete. This means investing in:

  • contemporary ergonomic furniture and solutions
  • technology that increase efficiencies and productivity
  • creating spaces that provide flexibility for collaboration and innovation as well as quiet areas for focus, including a coffee or breakroom

While both millennials and Gen Z are post-1980 generations, they do have different views or values that can influence what they search for in a company. Understanding their points of view can give you a leg up in creating a work culture that recruits your ideal employees successfully. Millennials want, “purpose, ongoing evaluations, coaching, and collaboration, [where] Gen Z prefers stability, opportunities for advancement, competition, honesty and transparency.”

As a business owner, you are doing your company a disservice if you are not designing your culture and workplace to attract younger generations. Creating a company work culture that is inclusive to all genders and ages will help you recruit and retain top employees. Not sure where to start? Total Office has the products and services to help you create a modern office space that stands out from the crowd. Contact us today for more information.