Designing For A New Office

There are many things to consider when coming up with a new office design. A new design can help your employees thrive and actually enjoy their time at the office.

Open floor plans are still popular and can work well if designed properly. The key to making any office environment work for your business is to understand how it can help your team while making sure it is being utilised in a way that will help you to achieve this. There are now many other considerations with health and wellness being top of mind. Understanding these new requirements can help create a safer workplace. After working from home, most people want to go back to the workplace, so it is important to meet their needs and make it a place they want to visit.

A new office should consider the following:

Workstation Proximity

Current CDC guidelines for workstations are to be spaced six feet apart to adhere to social distancing protocols. Seating, furniture and workstations are to include installing physical barriers to allow for six feet of separation between employees. The use of flexible workstations will allow for an agile workflow to optimize the use of space. This is considered a non-assigned seating option which can help reduce costs and make use of valuable real estate. Modular furniture can be tailored to fit the space.

Office Traffic Flow

Adding screens or panels between workstations can create boundaries between people and walkways. This will also help employees feel safer in the workspace and keep the traffic flowing properly which will reduce employee contact. These screens by Claridge have a white board on one side and beautiful greenery on the other.






Work Productivity and Office Design Trends

According to a Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) report the average person worked 7.9 hours at the workplace which equates to approximately 150 hours a month. Since a lot of time is spent in the office, inviting design helps boost employee morale, productivity and company culture. The office space can also be a draw for potential employees.

We are on top of all the latest design trends and can help you decide the look and feel you desire. One popular trend currently is Biophilic design. This design connects people with nature. Benefits include reducing stress, enhancing mood and encouraging creativity. It also helps with acoustics and brings an inviting natural look into the workplace. A recent design project incorporated moss frames to help reduce sound and incorporate biophilic design.
Learn more about biophilic design here.

Office Furniture and Safety

When it comes to selecting furniture and office seating, safety has become a main concern. You can either shop through our catalog which is quick and easy or you can get a custom solution that is curated by one of our designers. We are doing many projects virtually to ensure safety and social distancing.

It’s not all about COVID-19, we also have contemporary ergonomic office furniture and solutions to allow for employees to stand or sit comfortably. Sit-stand desks allow employees to alternate from sitting to standing positions. Standing helps improve blood flow and has numerous health benefits.

Check out this article about the health productivity benefits of ergonomic furniture in your office.

Flexible Indoor Spaces

Indoor spaces should provide flexibility for collaboration and innovation as well as quiet areas for focus. Thoughtful spacing and separation is needed in today’s new office designs. Our manufacturers curate innovative furniture that will allow for maximum flexibility.

Leverage Outside Spaces

If the office is in a place like Colorado where there are 300+ days of sun a year then you may have the ability to leverage outdoor spaces. This desirable option would include outdoor office furniture, comfortable seating and needed power for electronics.

Business Technology

We can help with all your technology needs including the following:

  • Laptops
  • Desktops
  • Servers
  • Software
  • Chrome books
  • Keyboards
  • Peripherals
  • IT systems
  • System components
  • Software
  • Networking equipment
  • Consumer electronics
  • Conferencing tools
  • Audio and visual equipment

We can design, install and provide training to help you understand how the technology works. Plus, we know how to make sure technology items are visually appealing in the new office.

Break Rooms 

A well-stocked coffee and breakroom keeps employees happy, healthy and hydrated. At the end of the day, we want you and your employees to feel safe, inspired and successful in the space. We work with clients in collaboration with third-party designers or direct with our in-house design team.

The Total Office Experience

Want to take your office to the next level? We have over 21 years in the business of designing offices and can support all of your new office needs.

  • Your workspaces and office flow are enhanced as we observe how your team interacts with each other and with customers.
  • We will review organizational goals and identify any workplace challenges by meeting with leaders in your business or organization.
  • We supply you with everything you need to transform your office and workspaces from basic supplies, cleaning supplies, technology, and new office furniture.
  • We will work locally in Colorado Springs, nationwide or virtually.

Contact us now for a free design consultation. We will work together to create the office of your dreams.