Factors to Consider when Relocating Your Office

factors to consider when relocating your officeNo matter the size of your business or organization, relocating to a new office building can be a daunting task, but the process can be simplified with proper preparation. To help you prepare for the big move, we’ve included the following factors to consider when relocating your office.

Impacts of Relocating Your Business or Organization

Consider how the process of relocating your office will impact your employees, clients and your business as a whole. What is most important to your business or organization? How does the move support that, and how may it negatively impact that?

How long will the move take and how long will the business be down before the move is complete? Will it be a phased move or will everyone move on the same date? Make sure to plan your move around your busy times.

Budget for Moving Costs and What Else May be Needed

The process of planning, budgeting and implementing an office move could take up to 12 months time and it has financial impacts both in the short and long term. The move itself is certainly an investment and is impacted by the distance of the move and size of your office.

It’s a good idea to have a project manager who can create a list of expenditures and come up with a budget for the move. The project manager can help take inventory of everything you want to take in the move and make a list of things that you may need to buy.

Keep in mind that there can be surprises or hidden costs that creep up with an office relocation, so it’s a good idea to discuss your move with an experienced commercial relocation company. That’s where we come in! Contact us today to learn more.

Does the New Location Meet the Needs of the Business?

factors to consider when relocating your officeDoes the new location have everything that’s needed to run the business smoothly? Make sure the new office has sufficient space to accommodate employees and clients now and in the near future.

Consider the impacts of the new location on company culture. Does the office space support that? Is there enough natural light? What local amenities are available? In addition to the internal space, are there outdoor spaces for your employees to enjoy on their breaks or lunch?

Also consider parking availability, costs and proximity to the building. Are there public transport options available?  Consider the location of the new office in terms of a commuting perspective.

Be sure to examine the physical state of the building to see how it’s being managed. Does it feel clean and maintained? Check out the history of the building and inquire about any potential issues that could impact the health of your employees.

Communication with Employees, Suppliers and Clients

It’s important to communicate with employees about the reasons for the move, the benefits of it and how it will support or improve the company culture. This can have a big impact on team motivation and productivity.

Keep employees updated until the big moving day and address any concerns that may arise, be it changes to their commute, or where they’ll be located in the new building. If possible, allow employees to visit and view the new space in advance, so they get excited about the change.

If you have business or office products that are delivered, make sure to get in touch with your suppliers at least three weeks ahead of time to let them know of your moving date. You’ll also need to inform your Internet and phone providers of the switch.

Prepare a communication plan with your clients about the move. Add a notice to your website, social media and email/mailing list so everyone knows when your office move is happening. Prepare your clients with the impacts the move will have on the business in terms of temporary closure, reduced hours, or other inconveniences they may face, and make sure to share the benefits of the new space too!

Set Up of the New Office Location

In consideration of the set up of your new office space it’s important to consider company culture and environments that facilitate collaboration, innovation, and workflow. What kind of space do you want to create?

The layout of your new space has the potential to impact the success of your business or organization. Now’s the time to consider your business purpose and how the new office space fits into that. Consider anticipated future growth and if the space is adaptable to changing work practices.

At Total Office in Colorado Springs we help you not only visualize the layout, but implement your idea to design and install furniture solutions that bring your office space to life. We manage all details from relocation, reconfiguration, to installation. Request a free consultation with us here.