Fun Employee Break Room Ideas

fun employee break room ideasMany business leaders are beginning to see the positive benefits of company culture on employee productivity. A big part of that comes with the balance between work and play. Having a fun employee break room provides space for employees to take time out from work, engage with other team members, and it can do wonders for morale.

The most successful companies know that the break room should feel different from the rest of the office. It’s a unique space that should allow for employees to meet, eat and socialize. Consider implementing some of the fun employee break room ideas below and contact us today to get started on your break room design project.

Add In Fun Multiplayer Games

Some fun elements to add into your break room are multiplayer games such as foosball, table tennis and pool tables. These provide a breather, while promoting team bonding at the same time.

Other entertaining options could include board games, jigsaw puzzles, and playing cards. You could also invest in a video game console and TV.

Incorporate Fun and Functional Break Room Furniture

Add in fun, functional and comfortable seating options such as couches, chairs, benches and picnic tables. Choose a design that allows employees to relax and interact with each other during their breaks.

You could also add in a TV with a Netflix account to encourage employee bonding with movies and sports viewing parties.

Consider that the coloring of your walls and break room furniture contributes to different emotions. Blues and greens can be more calming, while yellows and oranges are more energizing. Choose patterns and styles that are interesting and fun.

Create Quiet Spaces Too

fun employee break room ideasNot everyone loves a loud and lively break room environment, so it’s great to create quiet spaces for those more introverted employees to have fun too.

This could include a quieter reading nook with a community library bookshelf for employees to read or swap out different books.

Another option would be a space to color. Print out a bunch of coloring sheets or provide coloring books with a box full of colored pencils. Coloring is a fun way for employees to relax, re-focus and stimulate creativity.

Bring in your Brand and Culture

The break room provides an opportunity to get creative. Take the time to make it stand out and capture attention with fun wall art, decals or a mural.

Consider the company brand and culture behind it. Bring those same inspired feelings into the break room environment. This could include photos that showcase your team having fun at past events.

Core company information such as mission statements or inspiring messages are also welcome. Post a message board with company events and reminders. Encourage employees to display community activities such as birthdays, weddings and baby announcements.

Also consider making your break room more festive by decorating for holidays and other special occasions. This is a great way to get employees in the holiday spirit.

Don’t Forget the Caffeine

A break room isn’t complete without coffee and snacks. A stocked break room with fun snacks promotes a happy culture. Healthy snacks such as fruit, granola bars and dark chocolate provide nutrition, energy and brain power for your team throughout the day.

Our partnership with leading coffee and equipment brands means you’ll never have a shortage of artisan-roasted coffee with all the fixings. Learn more about our coffee and break room supplies and service here.

Get Feedback from your Team

While every workplace is different, the best thing you can do is tap into your team’s different interests so that the break room becomes a place everyone enjoys. What’s most important to them when it comes to a break room? You could include a suggestion box to help garner some ideas or conduct a company survey.

We’re here to help with your break room furniture and design. Contact us today for a free consultation.