How Office Space Planning and Design Impacts Employee Well-Being

office space planning and designYour office space planning and design has a big impact on the health and well-being of employees. A well designed office space can help reduce stress, stimulate creativity and improve productivity.

Here are some ways that you can improve your office design for healthy and happy employees.

Balanced Office Space Design

A balanced office design layout includes space for both individual and team work. It’s a balance of collaboration and focus. A balanced office includes open space for group meetings and brainstorming, coupled with private spaces for focus, quiet, or to take a private call. Areas that help stimulate rest and de-stressing are other spaces to consider.

Ergonomic Office Furniture

The desk is the space where most work is performed, and there are ways to improve this space for employee well-being. Ergonomic office furniture can increase productivity, especially with those who struggle with sitting for long periods of time.

Supportive chairs and good desk layout support ergonomic strategies and promote employee health with less strain and stress on the neck and lower back.

Sit-Stand Desks

To help improve employee well-being many companies have introduced sit-stand desks, which allow employees to alternate from sitting to standing positions.

Standing helps improve blood flow, keeping the body from getting sore and stagnant during the day. Standing could also be a more efficient form of workplace collaboration.

Office Lighting

office lightingLighting can play a big role in workplace well-being. Good exposure to natural light and outdoor views naturally reduces stress, increases energy and boosts productivity.

Utilizing as much natural light as possible in your office space planning and design is recommended with smart window designs and large open spaces that promote sunlight.

It’s also important to consider the distinct areas that you are looking to light and the activity that is to take place there. Layer different types of lighting for different tasks.

Color Selection

Color can play a part in employee well-being as different shades can support calmness, creativity and inspiration. Color comes into play with selections in paint, artwork and office furniture.

A Touch of Nature

Bringing in plant life and shrubbery into your workspace helps increase oxygen levels, thereby improving mood, concentration and productivity. You can also bring in more of nature with the office furniture material you select from natural finishes such as wood tables and other rustic selections.

Healthy Break Rooms

Break rooms are a natural place for employees to gather. Make sure your break room is supplied with healthy snacks and other components that make it easier for employees to eat well.

Consider seating and employee gathering areas in your break room, and adding in fun games like table tennis, puzzle areas or quiet nooks that provide space for employees to connect and/or reset.

Breakout Areas

In addition to traditional break rooms, breakout areas and informal meeting areas allow for creative brainstorming and employee connection outside of their desks. These impromptu meetings are great for workplace collaboration.

Office Design, Health & Productivity

Office design should be factored into wellness initiatives to ensure the health and productivity of your company. Office design ultimately infuses a culture of health into your workplace.

Take a look at yours. How can it be improved?

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