How to Keep Employees Engaged and Motivated

How to Keep Employees Engaged and MotivatedAre your employees engaged and happy? Do you know what it costs your business every year if they are not? Building a high-performing team that not only retains but recruits top employees is based on creating a work culture that values your employee morale and engagement. Productivity, profits, and long-term success depend on it.

Let’s talk numbers. According to The Engagement Institute, disengaged employees cost organizations between $450 and $550 billion annually. Employee engagement also rolls over to whether your clients or customers are happy (who wants to work with an employee who is checked out?) as well as profits lost from ideas and innovations that cannot be implemented if your team is only focused on just getting by, or actively seeking new positions!

How to Keep Your Employees Engaged and Motivated

Here are some tips that will help your team improve engagement and morale in the office:

  • Connect and provide feedback – Set regular times to connect with your employees, learn about their points of view and their needs. Provide honest feedback on their performance and show that they are valued.
  • Design your office and workspace to encourage employee creativity – If you are valuing new and innovative ideas or offering ways for your employees to grow it provides a sense of ownership in the business. This can include training, opportunities for advancement, recognition or awards for creative problem solving etc.
  • Offer incentives – Companies that provide additional incentives to their employees whether this be an opportunity for growth in the company, wellness memberships, even investments in the latest technology to improve efficiencies for employees or providing coffee or snacks in the breakroom – small thoughtful touches can go a long way to show you care.
  • Prioritize your workplace culture – Not only should your workplace encompass employee morale and values but your culture should instill the qualities that are important to your company as a whole. It’s time to brainstorm and clearly decide what values you want to communicate to your team and have them embody. Enthusiasm, creativity, quality of service, energy, honesty – these are just a few options.

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