The Importance of Workplace Collaboration

What is Workplace Collaboration?

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Workplace collaboration is a key factor in successful business, as it determines whether or not employees can perform together as a team.

It’s essentially organized teamwork that includes processes that help team members work together. The ultimate goal of workplace collaboration is to increase project success.

Workplace collaboration shows up in group brainstorming, open discussions and other team based activities.

Benefits of Workplace Collaboration

#1. Quicker Innovation & Solutions

The benefits that can come from workplace collaboration includes quicker innovation, since pooling different expertise and viewpoints of your team makes problem solving easier. Instigating group discussion helps expedite the process and implementation of solutions.

#2. Employee Skill-Building

Another benefit of workplace collaboration is employee skill-building. When working together, employees can learn from each other and share their different knowledge and skills.

#3. Coherent Business Goals & Purpose

Since collaboration often includes cross-departmental relationships, it allows for the team to connect in different ways and creates a coherent wholeness to a larger goal. This can help bring purpose to an individual’s role.

#4. Improved Employee Satisfaction & Retention

Workplace collaboration helps create an environment where employees feel heard and valued for their skills and input. This increases employee satisfaction and retention, while it positively impacts the company culture.

All of these benefits of workplace collaboration can lead to quicker solutions, happy customers and growth of the company.

Work Environments that Encourage Collaboration

The importance of employee collaboration
Your work environment plays a key role in collaboration. Are employees separated in dark cubicles, or do they have space to come together in collaboration?

When creating a successful collaborative space, it’s important to consider what employees are trying to accomplish when they work together.

Open Plan Layout

Open space layouts can help facilitate information and idea sharing since colleagues can be approached easily. This can include collaborative office desks, which encourage a quick discussion, or moveable office furniture like tables and adjustable chairs that employees can pull together for impromptu meetings.

Dedicated Social Spaces

Another option to consider are dedicated social spaces, where colleagues can interact with each other away from their desks. These could be placed so that employees from different departments come together. According to workspace research in the Harvard Business Review,

Chance encounters and interactions between knowledge workers improve performance.

Flexible Layouts

Flexible layouts are another great way to improve workplace collaboration since they provide employees freedom to move depending on the nature of the work they’re doing, their current mood, or the level of concentration that they need. Many successful businesses put together rooms that foster creativity and innovation.

Branding & Culture

Another factor to consider when building collaboration into your workplace is office branding and company culture. This comes into play with the choices of color, artwork and function of your workplace.

Collaborative Office Furniture Solutions

Our quality collaborative and open space office furniture can help bring your team together, but before changing a space it’s important to have an idea of what you’re trying to achieve, be that higher productivity, more creativity or innovation?

At Total Office we listen to your goals and watch for opportunities to bring people together so they can interact and collaborate. We manage the details from workplace design to office furniture installation.

Whether you’re remodeling, moving, or looking to re-design your space, we can help with collaborative office furniture solutions that bring your space to life.

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