The Positive Effects of Having a Breakroom At Work

When stress and high-performance days can take a toll at work, it’s important to have a space your employees can go to decompress and enjoy their downtime. Creating a strategic space that is dedicated for your employees to disengage can help boost productivity when they return to work.

Designing your staff breakroom or coffee room to be an inviting and healthy space will encourage your team to socialize, connect, build relationships, and recharge thus improving overall morale and energy. It can be a great place to recognize events such as birthdays or promotions, and with just a few items can really foster a sense of camaraderie at work. Here are a few important items to include in your breakroom at work:

  • Kitchen appliances including a refrigerator, coffee or tea maker, healthy snacks, reusable dishes and cups
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Reading material such as magazines or newspapers
  • Tables and chairs that can be set up to encourage socialization or rearranged if employees prefer some quiet time to recharge

Other items that can set your space apart are plants, motivational or promotional materials, music, games, adjustable lighting, artwork or even items that your employees request. At Total Office we have everything you need to create a stand out breakroom at work. Contact us to get started today!