What is Office Life & Why Does it Matter?

What is Office Life and Why Does it Matter?Each year the average American spends nearly 2,000 hours working. Some of that time may be spent within the gray walls of a cubicle, in the corner office with a view, or within the ever evolving workspace that expands well beyond these borders.

The world of work is changing and with that comes an evolution of wide-ranging wants and needs of the modern workforce. To attract and retain the best talent you must adapt to these changing circumstances.

New Office Life Definitions

The traditional definition of “office life” are the situations or experiences of a workplace, but with the infusing of technology into our day-to-day lives the idea of a “workplace” has been diluted.

Technology has broken down conventional systems of when, where, and how employees work. Find a spot with a good WiFi signal and many are able to complete their tasks at hand.

While technology has made our lives easier in many respects, being connected 24/7 has made it harder to turn-off both our personal and professional matters.

The rise of smartphones makes email and other employee communication tools available at your fingertips, with invasive patterns that can cut into time spent with family, friends and fun. It has conditioned the idea that employees must be “on” well beyond traditional working hours.

On the flip side, technological factors also invades working hours, as employees are more and more distracted with social media, text messages and other notifications that can easily take them off task.

The evolution of the new office life incorporates both professional and personal affairs with boundaries and expectations that allow for employee satisfaction and company success.

Rethinking Office Life Parameters

workplace distractions

Given that today’s workspaces are blending and balancing our professional and personal lives, the evolving “resimercial” design speaks to this idea. Resimerical is a combination of “residential” and “commercial,” and brings in furniture products that have a homelike feel to them.

These comfortable and inspiring spaces, where employees truly enjoy spending time, is one way to accommodate increased demand on employees and they also help create a sense of calm that opens the door for creativity and innovation.

The new definition of office life means letting go of the idea that we only work in one spot. It incorporates new ways of thinking about various types of work and work styles that accommodate individual circumstances or preferences. The new office life is less about stiff working patterns and supports a more fluid way of working.

Given the flexible working world we’re living in, employees have many different options than ever before, but are businesses catering to that?

Designing for the new office life requires keeping an open mind about an optimal environment for happy, healthy and productive employees.

Questions to Consider when Designing your New Office Life

  • What layout and styles best serve your employees and company culture?
  • Does it make sense to include an open plan, private and/or co-working spaces?
  • Does your office incorporate both design and functionality?
  • Do you have space for employees to come together and collaborate?
  • If you have an open floor plan, do you still incorporate private spaces where an employee could take a personal call or meet with a client one-on-one?

Your employees want and need a designated workspace that provides structure, yet remains flexible. Ultimately the workplace needs to be a collaborative space where employees can come together and also disperse so they can work on their own without distractions.

For best results, consider the look, layout, and location of your workplace and the flexibility that comes with this. All these factors promote a positive working environment. Make sure employees have access to a variety of settings based on their tasks at hand and their preferred working style.

Why Does it Matter?

Many sought-after employees value health and wellbeing as a top concern for their designated employment choice, so it’s important to reflect these desires in the design of your workplace for the most productive office environment.

The right office design helps employees get in the zone with increased creativity, productivity and ultimately satisfaction. This means you retain top talent and continue to grow your business or organization.

If you need help implementing a flexible and productive workplace environment, we’re here to help! Contact us today to schedule a free consultation with one of our experts.